Gamma Cash

50% Life Time commission on all sales generated by your traffic! Pays a $25.00 flat rate for all memberships including the trial! Get up to 5 cents per unique hits!

Pays 60 cents per confirmed emails! Get a 10% comission on the income from webmasters you refer.

Traffic Cash Gold

Traffic Cash Gold. Earn $35 to $40 per sign up or 20 cents per click! Weekly payouts,

free content, and CEN Gold Bar points! Real time stats, and over 30 sites to choose from!

Weg Cash

Our WegCash Classic program introduced in 1999 has become the most copied 4Free program on the Internet today. Webmasters can choose between console and console free tours.

We have over 50 different sites to promote, pay up to $1.50 per confirmed email address and up to $15 per upsell. That's up to an industry leading $16.50 per email address!








Giga Cash is one of the most respected adult companies and have been around since 1996. We have excellent payout structure of $35-$40 per sale.

We have appealing content which is updated every week. You can earn as bonus reward points which can be redeemed for cool toys and electonics.


rotti [at] eroangel [dot] com

Nasty Dollars

Nasty Dollars is one of my most reliable converting sites. Even though their sites sell themselves,

they give you tons of great tools to help you get conversions. promotional tools: free content, free hosting, gallery builder...

Maximum Cash


28 05 04

I've created this page to share what I have learned about affiliate programs. If you have a site and have attempted to generate money through affiliate programs and online advertising, you know how difficult it can be. The main key to running a profitable website is not only the choice in affiliate programs, but the way you use those affiliate programs. An affiliate program that sells puppies may do great for a vietnamese restaraunt supply website, but poorly on a "rate my cat" site. Choose affiliate programs that compliment your site's content.

Wouldn't it suck to spend all that time rooting through affiliate programs, hand-picking the chosen ones, only to find out that upon selling a ferrari you only got a fifty cent commision? Your website's real estate should be very valuable to you, so pick affiliate programs that will pay you the way you want to be paid. Always check payout percentages, minimum payment amounts, and converting ratios.

Another area to pay attention to is what methods the affiliate program allows you to promote their site/product. While a simple banner may earn you a few bucks, being able to use a Pamela Anderson photoshoot to promote a site could easily earn you enough money to move out of mom and dad's, and into that panty dropping pad you've been dreaming about. Choose affiliate programs that offer the best promotional tools.


SexMoney - Cyberservices. Commission is paid by weekly. Up to 70.00 Euro. Get paid up to 70% commission on all of your sales!
It doesn't matter if the revenues were generated via direct debit, credit card, dialer, webcall, premium sms or prepaid. SEXMoney even pays you on the exits.

VPS Cash

VPS Cash. A nice and exciting affiliate program. Unhappy with your current sponsor? Tired of promoting the same old thing? Try Webcams! Live Webcams Convert! Earn per minute, promoting webcams!! For me personally it is the number 1 from where I get my money.